EclipseFirst of all, I want you to know that I am a big Twilight Fan. Wait! Don’t punch my man card yet! Let me explain! I am a big fan of the books. Doesn’t help my cause? Ok, fine, if that doesn’t help, then whatever. I blame my sister, she got me hooked.

Anyway, on to the review! So I watched the new Twilight Movie last night, and I have to say, that it somewhat irritated me. While the story line of the books and movies match, Bella just seems like a whiny emo kid, who can’t make up her gosh darned mind about who she loves. This is irritating because the books didn’t really give me that feeling at all. The books were more thought provoking, and really made you see inside Bella’s head, so you see why she is having a hard time reconciling her love triangle. Don’t get me wrong, the movie doesn’t change anything from the book, but it definitely cuts out a lot of the thought process going through Bella’s head. Personally, I really liked the movie, and unlike most people, I actually think that the actors represent the characters very faithfully, but when viewed on the big screen, the story really shows how somewhat shallow it is. Maybe its because of how fast everything flows on screen, or maybe its just because of how melodramatic the dialog is. So yes, the story really isn’t all that deep, and there were parts on the movie where you just wanted to slap Bella, but all in all, those things didn’t detract from the guilty pleasure that is Twilight.

What makes this a guilty pleasure you ask? Well, for the guys out there, this movie is actually quite action packed. Lots of tearing off of the limbs, and heads, and great wolf & vampire vs vampire fight scenes. Also for the guys, there are a few of really hot cars spread out through the movie, and you can definitely tell that Volvo sponsored this movie. For the girls out there, the whole love triangle is a guilty pleasure, just because its so much drama. Not to stereotype and say all girls like drama, but I know a lot of you do. 🙂 Anyway, I give this movie a thumbs up, because even though it was a little irritating, it was still a fun guilty pleasure.