Tycho and Gabe
Yeah, You know I'm talking to you!

Creative Commons License photo credit: sewing punzie

My favorite way to start the morning? With a good chuckle or laugh! I usually wake up pretty cranky, so to ease the pain of waking up, I turn to my favorite webcomics… Unfortunately though, at about 9 in the morning, some of the artists still havent posted a comic. And if the comic is popular enough, it could be all the way till 5pm until the comic gets posted. To me, this seems pretty unaceptable… You only see this with the HUGE webcomics, not the usually the ones that are struggling to survive. Now, I know they are free, and yeah, its their business, and they can do whatever they want, but come on! Have a little bit of a work ethic! Just because you are funny, doesn’t mean you can slack off all the time. I totally understand if every once in a while, but every week? Come on guys! Maybe I’m just jealous of their talent, because I would love to be web comic writer, but I have not talent at comedy, and I can barely draw, so it ain’t happening. Even though I complain, I have to say that they are insanely talented, and I do appreciate their work, because anyone who can put smiles on peoples faces, I definitely respect. Anyways, thats it for me! 🙂

What comics do I read daily? Look below: