Down Freud! Down!

So!!! My dear readers, I come before you today, flummoxed… I am tired of dealing with peoples Id’s! What do I mean by that? I’ve watched a few movies recently, and all I see in movies and tv nowadays is pride! It seems like everyone is walking around with giant heads!! Ok, not literally, but its true! People take everything personally nowadays! Why can’t people just relax and not get so angry! What do you lose by being civil? Someone makes a mistake on the highway and you treat them like they did it on purpose. Yeah I understand that maybe the guy is a moron, but come on, what do you get by yelling and blowing some brain cells in anger? If someone insults you, why not smile and nod at the person, and move on? That would blow people away! I’m just saying, a little common decency would be nice. It just seems that everyone nowadays is out to protect their pride, and with it comes a sense of being right all the time no matter what. Case in point, recently there was a little twitter drama with a company I work with, and the person causing the drama, instead of contacting us and asking for an explanation, instead sent out a twitter blast that notified some 14 odd thousand people of what a bad company we are. First off, it was an accident! We didn’t do it maliciously, so there was no need for anger. But it seems with twitter, Facebook, and Myspace our Id seems to grow with each friend we have following us, creating an overinflated Id, that makes us think not with our minds, but with our Id, and how this affects ME ME ME, and instead of looking at the facts, we look at our emotions. Well, instead of doing that, next time someone makes you angry, before you reach for your phone to twitter it, or Facebook it. If possible, talk to the other person. Don’t accuse them, don’t cause a virtual scene, and don’t consider yourself the center of the universe, and how this affects MY day. I’ve seen reputations ruined with a single twitter, for something that later was found out to be an accident. So that leads me to what the title of this post is. The Id, Ego, and Super-ego were originally popularized by Sigmund Freud (a person I believe to be severely mentally handicapped, and is not someone I admire), but he stated that the id is our basest form, the one that is self serving, and wants pleasure, at the expense of all else. The ego is a counter balance, that still wants pleasure, but only if its socially acceptable. It looks to make sure you don’t do something stupid because of your Id. And the Super-ego is your conscience, which determine what you believe, and it strives to make you a better person. It goes against the Id. My thought on this is that over the past few years, people’s Id’s have grown and grown, to the point where all they want is pleasure, and they have let their super ego shrink down to the size of a walnut! While the id, ego, and super-ego are not physical parts of the brain, but mental parts, I still feel this is happening. We need to let go of our pride, and be more willing to apologize, even when its not our fault. Otherwise, I feel that we are slowly losing our humanity, the thing that makes us caring humans.
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