Groupe sanguinWow, election season is here, and boy do I hate it! Don’t get me wrong, I am all about democracy, and that elections are important. What I absolutely HATE is the political ads… When election season rolls around, it seems that everyone loses their marbles and start accusing their opponents of everything under the sun. Yes, I know most of the accusations have a grain of truth, but honestly, in my eyes, when a candidate for office totally bashes another candidate, it makes me physically sick. There are several factors involved for me. First off, is the portraying the candidate with an image that is definitely not flattering. Yes, I know its “War” but come on, we’re not stupid! I’m sure there is an image of you (yes, YOU! The candidate!) with your finger up your nose, hair that looks like a hair bomb went off on your head, so come on! Secondly (and this is the one that REALLY makes me mad), is the out of context quoting. I’ve seen ads where the candidate is showing their adversary, and they take something they say not only way out of context, but untruthfully so! The candidate might be saying something like “I dislike schools” in the ad, when in real life the person said “I dislike schools that underperform, so I will pour money into those schools.” You can hear the person being abruptly cut off. That is why I propose that campaign ads that just used to make your opponent look bad should be outlawed. Yes, I know that the public should be educated on the other candidates policies, but make it transparent, and factual. The use of “scare tactics” insults my intelligence, and should be outlawed. If a candidate goes on tv, and says something like “Hi, I’m *INSERT CANDIDATE HERE*, and my opponent thinks that all kitty’s should be put down, per his speech on *INSERT DATE HERE* at *INSERT PLACE HERE*. I believe this is wrong since kitty’s are cute, and haven’t hurt anyone! Vote for me to keep kitty’s alive!” Personally, I hate politics, period, but give me a candidate that doesn’t badmouth his opponents, and more than likely I will vote for him/her. Yeah, I know that is oversimplified, but you get my idea. There is no need to be so cruel! I think that this lack of respect for each other is becoming more and more common, not just with political candidates, but with people in general. It reminds me of a song I heard, that said, “Where is the Love?” Honestly? I think that love went out the window when ambition came on the scene…

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

Gabrielle Giffords Slams Jesse Kelly

Gabrielle Giffords Gets smacked

This one isnt so bad, except for the image
Creative Commons License photo credit: baube1942