Facebook has created a new feature, where it allows you to see the relationship of any two people. And by this, I mean you can see how 2 people interacted. They call this Friendship Pages. You might have seen this around recently, when someone comments on another persons post, you will see a new option next to the Like button that says Friendship Page. This little feature is really cool, and can be manipulated to see any of your friends! Read on to see how!Ok, so to access the friend page, you need to type in a website address. The format is like this:


Where the YYYYYY is your username, and the XXXXXX is the person you want to see the friend page with. So, for example, to see me and my wife’s friend page, you would go to:


Course, you need to be friends with both people to see the pages. It actually looks quite cool! Here is a screenshot of it:

It will also try to find a picture of you and your friend that you are both on, making it a fun way to not only see what verbal connections you have made, but which visual ones as well. Try it out, and see which of your friends you have the most connections with.