I have many friends now with android phones, and this is great! And because of this, I have recommended Google Voicemail more than anything! Its a great service, that allows you to listen to your voice mails anywhere, whether on your computer, or another phone, or on your Droid. Now, since the Droid is a Google phone, you would think that Google Voicemail would automatically integrate with the droid, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Like everything else on the droid, you need to install the Google Voice app. Make sure that before you do this, set up a google voicemail account at voice.google.com Keep reading for a walkthrough on how to set up your phone with Google Voicemail. 

Ok, so, start by searching the Android Marketplace, and finding the Google Voice App.

Go ahead and install the app on your phone, you will see the following:

Go ahead and ok the permissions. As you can see, this app has access to a lot of services on your phone. As it should, since it is for your voicemail.

After the app has been installed, find it in your app drawer (at the bottom of the screen, where you bring up all your apps). I go ahead and move it from the drawer, to my app desktop, by long pressing the app, then dropping it on the desktop. Go ahead and open it:

After you open the app, you will be presented with this screen:

As you can see, it provides a little bit of information as to what it does, go ahead and read through it, then hit next:

Ok, here is an important part. If you have multiple emails from gmail, they will show up here. Choose the one that is associated with your google voicemail account. Select the correct one, then hit sign in.

It will access your google account, the give you the above screen. As it says, you have 2 more things that need to be done. First we need to decide if you want to use google voice for everything phone related, and we need to set up the voicemail aspect of it. Go ahead and hit next.

There are 4 options, and this is how they break down:

1. Use google voice to make all calls: This is pretty self explanatory. When you make a phone call, instead of using your regular phone number, it will use your google voice number.

2. Do not use Google Voice to make any calls: This is the option I use. I dont use my google voice number very much, and I mostly just use it for voicemails, so this is the best bet if that is all you need it for.

3. Only use Google Voice for International calls: This is pretty cool. Google Voice has great pricing plans for international calls. Check out their rates here. Basically, on this option, you would only call using your google voice account when the phone detected an overseas number.

4. Ask every time I make a call: This is good for someone who does business with google voice, but otherwise, this is an extremely annoying option. Every time you call someone, it asks you how you want to call them. I end up putting the voice to my ear because I forget, and for 30 seconds I sit there waiting for the call to connect. Not fun.

Choose one of these options, and hit next.

Ok, here is the meat and potatoes of what we are doing. It needs to set up your voicemail. Now, I warn you, if you have an evo, you will need to take an extra step, and go to voice.google.com and set up the voicemail through there, and it has a step by step breakdown of how to do it, so I wont cover that here. Other carriers like verizon and tmobile shouldnt have any issues with this.

If you have the evo, you will get this screen, just choose configure and go to the next screen.

Here, your phone is telling you that you need to grant the phone access. Go ahead and hit allow.

Go ahead and choose google voice, and you will be automatically prompted for the next one:

Ok, at this point, you are almost done, it is telling you that it will be checking the google voice servers every once in a while to check for messages, just like it checks for email.

Ok, and you are done. You will see your voice mails here, as well as transcriptions if possible. You can also send free text messages from here, and listen to your recorded google calls.


Google voice is one of the first things I install on my new droid phone, and I love how well it works. It feels like its part of the phone, and not just an app. I highly recomend it.

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