Jonah Hex Movie PosterWow, what a piece of junk! I have to admit, I was hopeful at first, thinking maybe the storyline would save this crazy western noir film. Unfortunately, not even Megan Fox was enough to save this movie. (SPOILERS!)

The premise behind this movie is that a man who is able to speak with the dead is seeking revenge after the man that left him at deaths door. Unfortunately, he is left without vengeance since the man dies in a fire. But wait! No he didn’t! The movie is plagued by its extreme predictability. The whole story seems quite forced, and the main character (played by Josh Brolin) is as 3 dimensional as a piece of paper. It’s difficult to point out exactly what I disliked about it, but maybe it was my sheer boredom that turned me off to this. About the only part of the movie I liked, was when he used the TNT pistol, and that only lasted a few minutes. I truly find it hard to recommend this movie to anyone. I am just glad I didn’t see it in the theaters, because I would have been mad that I spent so much money on this piece of junk. If you have a choice, watch something else.

This movie is not family friendly, it has a LOT of violence, and in one part, a man’s face is branded. So, while I don’t recommend this movie for anyone, I especially don’t recommend it for families.