Today I want to talk about Facebook (Or Social Media) etiquette. I have noticed a growing trend on Facebook recently, that I like to call “Machine Gun Posting.” If I have added you as a friend on Facebook, it means that I genuinely like you. But, if you are going to be posting a new status update every 30 seconds, we need to rethink this whole Facebook friendship thing. So below is a list of things I think make for good Facebook etiquette. Don’t like it? Then friend me on Twitter instead. Read on for the list.

11th Marine Expeditionary Unit [Image 4 of 5]1. Machine Gun Posting – In my mind, Facebook is a tool to let other know about your life. But that doesn’t mean we want to know every single solitary thing that happened to you through Facebook. Save some of those posts for real life, when I am talking to you. People spend so much time digitally, that they forget face to face time is important. Don’t be like this. I find a good general rule of thumb to be 2-3 posts a day, max. Obviously that is not a hard or fast rule. And know your friends. If you post a lot, and are always getting comments, then maybe your friends appreciate all of your posts, but be careful. Take a hint from most (not all!!) celebrities. The smart ones only post 1 a day or so, that way people don’t unfriend them. Less is more!

Baker County Tourism – 37052. Comment Phishing – Normally phishing is when someone sends you an email as bait to get your information. Similar to this, comment phishers post a mysterious, short and maybe angry post. For example, simply posting: “UGHH!!!” is not helping anyone. Want sympathy? Post a short concise version of the events, since your going to do it in the comments anyway. I find this to be in poor taste.

Insane Animals part 63. Destroy the World Posts – Facebook is an interesting place. People are condensed into short 420 character status updates that reflect on who they are. Think about that before you post an angry rant on Facebook. When you post about how another person needs to die, or how much you absolutely hate vegetables (just kidding!), you show a side of yourself that should be reserved to talking with friends (again, in real life!). Ranting isn’t bad, just don’t do it on Facebook, or if you do, try to adjust your settings for that post so only people you know will care see it. Sure, there are friends that are interested, but most just don’t care. Let’s try to make Facebook as positive a place as possible.

Have I been guilty of the things above? Sure! No one is perfect, and I am not asking that you be. But remember, just because you are online, doesn’t mean that the need for manners goes out the door. Show people a positive side of you, and that will reflect well on you. My goal is to follow this advice as much as possible, and try to influence my friends positively to this end.


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