So today my buddy sent me a link to a new game that he is playing and it cracked me up! If you haven’t played Grumpy Bears yet, click on the image below and download it (Android version, iOS version coming soon according to the developer)! Think of the game as a cross between whack a mole, and angry birds, requiring precision and quick reflexes to master. ¬†On top of the fast paced action, there is also the ability to buy weapons upgrades and level yourself up. The crazy bears will have you laughing and the nutty weapons will crack you up. My absolute favorite so far is Thor’s hammer, that zaps the stuffing out of any bear that gets to close to the vehicle.

The game is very polished and looks like a lot of work went into making it. It runs a little slow on my Galaxy S3 sometimes but that might have more to do with my background apps that I have rather than the game. Otherwise, 98% of the time it runs smooth as silk. If you are bored and want to have a bit of fun, do yourself a favor and check out the game! Screenshots after the break!