Friendship Pages in Facebook

Facebook has created a new feature, where it allows you to see the relationship of any two people. And by this, I mean you can see how 2 people interacted. They call this Friendship Pages. You might have seen this around recently, when someone comments on another persons post, you will see a new option next to the Like button that says Friendship Page. This little feature is really cool, and can be manipulated to see any of your friends! Read on to see how!

How to Hack Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail

Hacking someones Facebook or Twitter accounts is not hard, thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Why is this? Because Facebook and Twitter have a GIANT hole in them. It’s called cookies! When you login to Facebook, a little file is created that allows you to remain logged in, so you’re not constantly logging in again. The thing is that little file has to constantly be checked by facebook. Which means that if you have the right program, you can intercept that file. Now, here is the limitation. You have to be on the same WIFI as the other person. So this will work on dorms, and in library’s, but if your in a different location (or different network), it wont work. Read on to see how its done: