Minecraft: Sand Castle

So I spent a few hours the other day working on building a sand castle that a reddit user named MCNOODLOR built using a system called Chunky. I am really pleased with the result! See the screenshot below, and download it using the link below!

How to spot a phishing job offer email

So, a friend of mine recently got a weird email from a staffing company. She is looking for a job, and has been applying everywhere. She knew that she had not applied at this particular job, and sent it to me, asking about it’s validity. I sent her the following reply back. Read on to […]

Why Picasa is the Non-Professional photographers best friend

Many of my friends like to take pictures and video, but more and more of my friends, dont use any kind of photo or video management system for their photos, instead opting for using windows to manage their files. This is well and dandy, but it can lead to confusion, and its easy to lose track of your photos if your collection is large enough. When importing photos or videos from the camera, where are your photos placed? How can you access them later? And how can you easily edit them?

Limewire Died, Now What?

So… Limewire is dead. Now what? Well believe it or not, there are a surprising number of resources out there to fuel your music drug habit. Some are for all intents and purposes, complete clones of limewire, and others require a little bit more work. Either way, it means free music for you. Now, here’s the kicker. I don’t advocate the use of these sites and programs to steal copyrighted material. Sure, it’s there, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it. Ok, so, read on for some great programs that will get your iPod rocking!