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Why should I Use Twitter?

About 90% of my friends currently use Facebook. This might see like an obvious fact, but out of those 250 friends, maybe 10 use twitter. That is a fact that I find really interesting. I thought that it might be that here in Arizona, most people just don’t use it. I like to think that Arizona is a bit more laid back and quiet, and people aren’t desperate to know what is going on with their friends. They can wait till they get on their computer, or till they check their phone for status updates. Twitter is a bit more aggressive. Usually on twitter, when a person makes a status post, that is then delivered to you, usually through your phone thru text message. This can be a little more annoying to people and might not be everyones cup of tea. However Twitter does have its uses. Below are 3 great uses for twitter:

1. News Updates: Twitter is now prevalent enough that it beats most news companies in speed. If I hear about something, its quicker to go to and find out whats going on in the news world.

2. Stalking Celebrities: I recently followed one of my favorite authors on twitter, only to find that he was a creep! This is definitely a double sided weapon. Most celebrities are finding twitter is a great place to publish their lives, but at the same time, it gives you more insight into what kind of people they are. I’m obviously not saying they are all bad, but some are definitely creepy.

3. Keeping in touch with friends (duh!): Twitter is a great place to follow your friends, because you can have a running dialog with them in real time over things that are happening to them.

Twitter is a great tool, and it has some advantages to Facebook. I still prefer facebook, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use both. 🙂

Yum! Fresh Microsoft Fanboys straight out of the oven!

Danbo (heart) Windows 7
Wow! Reading the Engadget blog today regarding an update to the Motorola Cliq (which my wife has, and likes I might add), I saw some comments that were extremely pro Microsoft. (more…)

Friendship Pages in Facebook

Facebook has created a new feature, where it allows you to see the relationship of any two people. And by this, I mean you can see how 2 people interacted. They call this Friendship Pages. You might have seen this around recently, when someone comments on another persons post, you will see a new option next to the Like button that says Friendship Page. This little feature is really cool, and can be manipulated to see any of your friends! Read on to see how! (more…)

Kik Messenger Review – Chat like its 1999…

Very cool! A friend of mine introduced me to a great program called Kik. It allows you to chat across all smartphone platforms, quickly and easily, without having to jump through any hoops. It totally reminds me of the glory days of chat, where Msn or Yahoo or AOL were our social networks… I have never installed a chat program on my phone, read my full review to see why I changed my mind!


Limewire Died, Now What?

Skull And Cross Bones FlagSo… Limewire is dead. Now what? Well believe it or not, there are a surprising number of resources out there to fuel your music drug habit. Some are for all intents and purposes, complete clones of limewire, and others require a little bit more work. Either way, it means free music for you. Now, here’s the kicker. I don’t advocate the use of these sites and programs to steal copyrighted material. Sure, it’s there, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it. Ok, so, read on for some great programs that will get your iPod rocking!

How to setup Google Voicemail on Android Phones

I have many friends now with android phones, and this is great! And because of this, I have recommended Google Voicemail more than anything! Its a great service, that allows you to listen to your voice mails anywhere, whether on your computer, or another phone, or on your Droid. Now, since the Droid is a Google phone, you would think that Google Voicemail would automatically integrate with the droid, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Like everything else on the droid, you need to install the Google Voice app. Make sure that before you do this, set up a google voicemail account at Keep reading for a walkthrough on how to set up your phone with Google Voicemail.  (more…)

How to prepare yourself for data loss

A few weeks ago, I accidentally completely deleted my portable hard drive. Let me tell you, I keep EVERYTHING on this drive. From all my pictures, to my programs to my books, its all there. And let me tell you, I don’t create backups. Like everyone else, I believe that data loss cant affect me. At least I did believe that. Not anymore. Files now-a-days are much more than bits and bytes. With the prevalence of digital cameras, almost no one that I know still gets hard copies of their photos. This opens us up to data failure, and let me tell you, it’s more common than you think. So what should I do to protect myself from data loss? Well, I’m going to break this post into 2 sections. How to protect yourself, and what to do if it’s too late. (more…)

How to Hack Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail

Hacking someones Facebook or Twitter accounts is not hard, thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Why is this? Because Facebook and Twitter have a GIANT hole in them. It’s called cookies! When you login to Facebook, a little file is created that allows you to remain logged in, so you’re not constantly logging in again. The thing is that little file has to constantly be checked by facebook. Which means that if you have the right program, you can intercept that file. Now, here is the limitation. You have to be on the same WIFI as the other person. So this will work on dorms, and in library’s, but if your in a different location (or different network), it wont work. Read on to see how its done:

Minecraft, I see the light

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post about a game called minecraft. It didnt really have a point, you just walk around a randomly generated world, and are able to lay down blocks, of different types. (more…)

Got the droid? Then listen up! It’s Antivirus Time!

So, you finally purchased a droid based phone! Congratulations! You just moved to the world of portable personal computing! You will be able to do things on your phone, that you weren’t able to do on your computer 10 years ago! But, with great power, comes great viruses.  (more…)

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