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Got the droid? Then listen up! It’s Antivirus Time!

So, you finally purchased a droid based phone! Congratulations! You just moved to the world of portable personal computing! You will be able to do things on your phone, that you weren’t able to do on your computer 10 years ago! But, with great power, comes great viruses.  (more…)

Super Excited about the Xbox Slim

A photo of the New Xbox

The Xbox Slim

The New Xbox looks pretty slick, I must say. Bigger fans, no red ring of death, bigger hard drive, you just can’t beat that! But I was really disappointed that it didnt come with a tv tuner. I use my computer, and windows media center to watch tv, and record it, but its in my room, and not in the living room, so I would love to have an all in one box, and the 360 does almost everything that I want it to do, except let me watch tv on it! I know that I can use it as an extender, but sometimes i want my desktop computer turned off, and this wont work if its off. What I really want is a 360 with a tuner! Can you imagine? This would solve so many problems!! But I’m sure (more…)

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