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Minecraft, I see the light

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post about a game called minecraft. It didnt really have a point, you just walk around a randomly generated world, and are able to lay down blocks, of different types. (more…)

Used Vs. New

Spy Vs. Spy Cosplay

New vs Used

@cwgabriel (one of the creators of the popular webcomic, Penny-Arcade) posted a tweet today that inflamed the gaming community to a discussion of epic proportions! The discussion centers around the premise that buying a new game is “better” than buying a used game from a place like gamestop, since the new game directly compensates the developer, whereas a used game just gives a place like gamestop the profits. Lets get one thing straight first. I love video games. They are to me what sports are to others. Video games give my life the flavor it needs to keep it from becoming stale and tasteless, and I understand that without capital, video games won’t be made (well the big ones anyways, there are some amazing open source gems out there like Hedge Wars, and 3d Scorch). But to me, isn’t buying a game from a gamestop the same as piracy? No, dont shoot me please! I do admit, I dont know how the sales model works, but if I understand it correctly, the stores buy the games from the consumer at 1/4 the sale price, and then sell it back at huge profits, and the devs make nothing off that deal. I am ready for games to go straight digital so not only does this not happen as often, but hopefully the devs will price point this where “during these troubled times” most people can afford the game. (more…)

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