Google Voice
Great Service, for free!

So, you need to send text messages like all the cool kids out there, but you can’t afford a phone? Parents wont get you a cell phone? No problem! Google voice is here to save the day! The once invite-only service is now available for everyone!

You might ask, why are you so excited about this? What is Google Voice? and how much does it cost?

Well I’m excited about Google Voice, because its a phone unifier. It allows you to put all your phone numbers (home, work, cell) into one easy to remember number. It also gives you unlimited free text messaging, and cheap overseas calls. The unlimited text messaging alone is worth its weight in gold!

Why am I so excited about this? Well a few days ago I was in the hospital with my wife, and my family was trying to contact me and find out how my wife was doing, but I didnt have reception in the hospital!! So no text messaging, and no calls! But wait! Google voice to rescue! The hospital offered free WiFi, so I simply connected my phone to the wifi, and using Androids free google voice app (also available for Blackberry and Iphone) I was able to send and receive text messages. It was VERY cool! Since it was over WiFi, there was no lag, and I was able to communicate easily. I can see this being great for kids whose parents don’t want to set up a new phone line for their kids, or for a family who doesn’t have a text messaging plan on their phone, so they can still get friends texts. Also the Text messages can be forwarded to emails, so that means you dont have to be constantly logging into google voice to check your text messages, you just need to check your regular email.

Lastly, The great thing about this is, that when you get a new phone, you merely need to forward the new phone to your Google voice number, so you don’t need to give out a new phone number. The Google voice number will ring your cell phone directly. And hey, you cant beat the price! Check it out at

Video Below gives a nice overview of what it does: