Danbo (heart) Windows 7
Wow! Reading the Engadget blog today regarding an update to the Motorola Cliq (which my wife has, and likes I might add), I saw some comments that were extremely pro Microsoft. I was surprised and elated, even though I am an Android fanboy myself, that Microsoft Fanboys are coming out now, from their long period of hiding in the caves of windows mobile 6. Yes, I do admit, I two was once a fresh faced Redmond fanboy. Unfortunately, my Microsoft took to long to bring out a fresh new OS for their phones. I have no “beef” with Microsoft, and I always thought that WM 6 got the job done, although not very elegantly. Because of this, when android came out, I jumped at the chance to move to the new OS. Until that time, I was still using my hotmail email, but since hotmail does not have a very good integration with android, I eventually ditched my account, and now use my gmail exclusively. I have moved more and more to google powered services, but its because google understands what we needs. Microsoft, like Apple, tells you what you need. And, you better like it too. This has caused a resentment towards Microsoft. They need to show us that they are willing to listen to our needs. I think they are doing a good job, and I can understand why the Fanboys are coming out. But I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no need to fight. Phones can coexist with one another. Anyone want a hug?

Creative Commons License photo credit: mendhak