Wow. These past two days have probably been the hardest of my life. No I am not diagnosed with some horrible disease, or any other kind of sickness. No I am not going through some financial situation. So what is my problem? I am waiting for a laptop. Not just any laptop, google’s new Chrome OS based Cr-48 netbook. This little netbook isnt your typical notebook. It doesn’t have your typical operating system. It has a browser for the operating system. Yeah you heard right, only a browser. While a little unorthodox this is something that makes sense in todays society of web apps and online video streaming, it should do at least moderately well. Here are the stats courtesy of engadget:

But like the Peek messaging device, it is definitely a single use device. So why is this an issue? because google is not notifying the people who are getting one if they are actually getting one. To the point that I have joined a group of like minded people on facebook who are all anxiously waiting to receive their Cr-48. We have spent almost 2 days figuring out ways to track the packages, using reference numbers to see if we will receive one soon. I feel like I might pop from the pressure! Well, Here’s hoping google has pity on us, and ships us one soon! Want to get your own? Well you have until December 21st to apply. To apply, go here:

To join us on facebook as we anxiously wait for our laptops, go here:

This has become more than a laptop to us, it is affirmation that google really does care about us. Come through for us google!

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