Doing a movie review for a film that is adapted from a book is usually very difficult for me. As a true bookworm, I will always prefer the depth and level of detail present in a book. My mind seems to be much more capable at building a world than most movie directors, and it can be very frustrating watching a badly made book adaptation. More often than not this is the case, with some exceptions (see LOTR trilogy), but I was pleasantly surprised with The Hunger Games. Read on for my full review.

I had read the Hunger Games before I watched the movie and I was totally engrossed by the world that Suzanne Collins created. I am a pretty big fan of post apocalyptic books, especially lately. Well, I actually just found out about the movie not too long ago, maybe a month or two, and was pretty excited! The movie more than lived up to my expectations. The effects were well done, the characters were perfectly cast (imho), and the dialogue was spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It is not a kids movie of course, if the PG-13 didn’t clue you in, but it is quite violent, as the premise is based around a violent fight to the death by kids, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, it was a great movie, and I recommend it thoroughly!