When it comes to photo sharing, Facebook is usually the way to go. Unfortunately, not everyone is on Facebook (yeah, crazy right?). Well I have found a great app that is on both Android and iOS that helps bridge that gap. It’s called cluster, and in a nutshell, it allows people to create a space to share photos for different events. A great example is going to be coming up in February, I have a skiing trip planned with a group of my close friends. Usually we would have to create a dropbox folder, and if any of my friends don’t have a dropbox account they would then need to create one. Normally this isn’t bad, but it is complicated, and a bit much for what we need. We just need a place to share photos as a group, and download them all in one go. This is great if you are normally the designated photographer of a group, and are never in photos because you are the one taking them! This way everyone can take photos of everyone and have them in one place! Cluster makes this quick and efficient. Read on for more!

This is a great tool for:

Brides/Grooms – Have your DJ announce or post your album code if there is a projector
Friends – easily gather photos from everyone in your group after a fun night out.
Parents – collect photos of your children and share memories with family everywhere.
Travelers – create an album of your trip and collect photos from travel friends.
Events – I went through flight attendant training, and this would have been great to get everyone’s photos together

The process could not be simpler! Install the app and create an account (or if you have facebook use the Facebook login button). After you have your account created, simply create a new cluster and add photos from your phone, or take someones Album Code and join their cluster. From there just add photos and you are good to go. I have to say, it could not be easier to use, and I plan on using it a lot!

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