Thoughts on Laziness

Created: 2/7/2020 11:41:32 AM

Created by: Angel Menendez


Laziness is not what you think it is. Laziness is not a moral flaw like some people imagine. Laziness is simply the inability to prioritize important needs over distractions. And in today’s distraction saturated world, it’s a never ending battle. No wonder lazy people just want to sit in front of the tv and not have to battle distractions. They can sit and focus on one thing that doesn't require input from them.

You may ask, what distractions are you taking about? The distractions I’m talking about don’t take up a lot of mental power, and they aren’t supposed to. But over time, the sheer amount of micro distractions you have to deal with is immense. Those micro distractions are called advertisements. Almost every site you visit now a days is saturated with ads, not always out of maliciousness but out of a need to keep their websites going.

Look at social media for example, whether you like it or not, as your scrolling your feed, you see ads appear in front of you, and for a microsecond you have to stop for a second and realize it’s actually an ad. Then when you realize it’s an ad you then move forward and make a decision to ignore it. But that moment in time happened. Your brain was temporarily jarred out it’s main focus which was to scroll through your feed of people you love and trust. And within that feed, those ads which you shouldn’t always trust, you have to stop what you’re doing and switch back to focusing on your friends and family. Think of how many ads you see while scrolling through your feed.

Now think of your phone. How many notifications do you get every day? How many vibrations or dings do you hear in a day. Each one of these are micro distractions.

That is why computer people are considered smart. It’s because we know how to remove most distractions (mostly ads) from our life. The smartest of us are able to remove all distractions from their digital experience by using the command line that you see on the matrix. In this environment we are in control.

And if you’re someone that has been labeled as lazy, first of all realize that it’s a label, which is only a snapshot of something in time, it’s not the actual definition of who you are. It’s that you’ve been caught in a situation where you put distractions before needs. And that can change, if you make some changes. One of the best is to clean out your social media by unfollowing everyone that does not instantly bring you joy. Every time you see someone on your feed that brings up feeling of jealousy or insecurity, you’re also being distracted by the present

If any measure of jealousy creeps up when looking at a person, unfollow them and remove that distraction of insecurity. That will give you more time to focus on only the people that build you up. And then apply this principle to every single tool or social media on your phone.

I understand that in today’s age we need to stay connected, but that doesn’t mean we have to be distracted by other people, we don’t have time for that. And remember that language is important because we are all living a story. And the story can be that you are either very lazy or very distraction prone. They can both describe the same person, but one of those can be solved by removing distractions and the other is hopeless. What story are you going to tell yourself?

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