Beyond the Skies: Exploring the World Through a Flight Attendant’s Lens

As a flight attendant, you would think that travel to exotic destinations and international locales would be a given. Sadly, as our latest trip has shown, not all flight attendants travel for fun. My wife runs a small tour agency that caters to flight attendants called Crew Travelers, and we are currently in the middle of our trip to Lesvos, Greece. So far it has been an amazing experience getting to know all the flight attendants. I feel like flight attendants are consistently the coolest people you can meet.

Each one is different and unique but our job unites us in a way that makes us all feel like family. Our struggles and lifestyles are similar, creating a camaraderie that anyone in the workplace knows.

I find it interesting how most of our travelers are first time international travelers. As flight attendants, our jobs can be so hectic that traveling for fun can seem pretty daunting. When you are told where to fly, and where to stay, it can build a feeling of complacency when you travel. Instead of harboring independence, our job can breed familiarity and complacency.

When we fly as flight attendants, every aspect of our trip is taken care of. Our flight attendant app tells us where we need to be, who will pick us up, and even gives us access to our contract, which gives us a sense of protection when we are working that there limits how much abuse we have to deal with.

Compare that to flying on your own where you are in complete control of your destiny. Want a hotel? You gotta book it. Need a flight? Up to you to book it. Transportation to and from the hotel? That's on you if your hotel doesn't cover it. Stuck at the airport because flights are full? Sorry, no contract will get you out of that.

With all that being said, travel is good for you. It gives you confidence in yourself. It forces you to solve problems that you would normally not face and gets you out of your comfort zone. It gives you stories and experiences that no one can take away from you. It makes you a more varied and interesting human being. When you are with your friends, it gives you something to say.

The list of places that my wife and I have been to is long and varied. Every other month or so we get an itch to see someplace new. A new country, a new experience, a new culture. It's addictive, especially when your flights cost about as much as a bus ride. Our hope is to someday find the perfect place to retire. Until then, we revel in our wanderlust and we can't wait to see what new adventures we stumble upon!

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