Minecraft: Sand Castle

So I spent a few hours the other day working on building a sand castle that a reddit user named MCNOODLOR built using a system called Chunky. I am really pleased with the result! See the screenshot below, and download it using the link below!

Android + iOS App Review – FlightTrack 5

As a flight attendant, flight monitoring is my life. Gate changes? Delays? Weather? All of this is pretty important to our lives and livelihood. Our company is kind enough to issue us apps and programs to monitor this, but none of them give you notifications. If you are curious about any of that information, you […]

Android App Review – Image Shrink Lite (Resizer)

Ever wanted to share photos with someone on your phone, but your phone network took forever to upload it? Well have no fear, Image Shrink Lite is here! I use Groupme a lot to communicate with my friends and family, and one of the great features is that it allows you to share full resolution […]

Mobile App Review – Cluster – Photo Sharing Done Right

When it comes to photo sharing, Facebook is usually the way to go. Unfortunately, not everyone is on Facebook (yeah, crazy right?). Well I have found a great app that is on both Android and iOS that helps bridge that gap. It’s called cluster, and in a nutshell, it allows people to create a space […]

25 Killer Websites that Make You Cleverer

I found an amazing post on imgur the other day, and I thought I would share it here! I think this might be a little easier to read then imgur! So without further ado, read more for 25 Killer websites that make you cleverer!

Android App Review – Grumpy Bears

So today my buddy sent me a link to a new game that he is playing and it cracked me up! If you haven’t played Grumpy Bears yet, click on the image below and download it (Android version, iOS version coming soon according to the developer)! Think of the game as a cross between whack […]

How to spot a phishing job offer email

So, a friend of mine recently got a weird email from a staffing company. She is looking for a job, and has been applying everywhere. She knew that she had not applied at this particular job, and sent it to me, asking about it’s validity. I sent her the following reply back. Read on to […]

Tech Trends – Dawn of LifeCasting (And what it is!)

There is a new trend sweeping the nation, called LifeCasting. Life casting is simply broadcasting a persons life through the internet. This is done in many ways, from the creepy, to the unique, to the mundane. On a whim, I decided to take it up, and see what all the fuss is about. Read on […]

The Google Chrome OS Cr-48 Waiting Game

Wow. These past two days have probably been the hardest of my life. No I am not diagnosed with some horrible disease, or any other kind of sickness. No I am not going through some financial situation. So what is my problem? I am waiting for a laptop. Not just any laptop, google’s new Chrome […]

Why Picasa is the Non-Professional photographers best friend

Many of my friends like to take pictures and video, but more and more of my friends, dont use any kind of photo or video management system for their photos, instead opting for using windows to manage their files. This is well and dandy, but it can lead to confusion, and its easy to lose track of your photos if your collection is large enough. When importing photos or videos from the camera, where are your photos placed? How can you access them later? And how can you easily edit them?