Mobile App Review – Cluster – Photo Sharing Done Right

When it comes to photo sharing, Facebook is usually the way to go. Unfortunately, not everyone is on Facebook (yeah, crazy right?). Well I have found a great app that is on both Android and iOS that helps bridge that gap. It’s called cluster, and in a nutshell, it allows people to create a space […]

Android App Review – Grumpy Bears

So today my buddy sent me a link to a new game that he is playing and it cracked me up! If you haven’t played Grumpy Bears yet, click on the image below and download it (Android version, iOS version coming soon according to the developer)! Think of the game as a cross between whack […]

Kik Messenger Review – Chat like its 1999…

Very cool! A friend of mine introduced me to a great program called Kik. It allows you to chat across all smartphone platforms, quickly and easily, without having to jump through any hoops. It totally reminds me of the glory days of chat, where Msn or Yahoo or AOL were our social networks… I have never installed a chat […]

Minecraft, I see the light

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post about a game called minecraft. It didnt really have a point, you just walk around a randomly generated world, and are able to lay down blocks, of different types.

Got the droid? Then listen up! It’s Antivirus Time!

So, you finally purchased a droid based phone! Congratulations! You just moved to the world of portable personal computing! You will be able to do things on your phone, that you weren’t able to do on your computer 10 years ago! But, with great power, comes great viruses. 

Software Review: Ziprealty Android App

Zip Realty App

Me and my lovely wife are looking for a home! We currently live in a nice manufactured home, but with home prices being so low, we want to take advantage of the market and prepare for our future (with hopefully a few little ones running around). Because of this, I started looking for a good […]

Livezilla, the godzilla of chat!

Wow, can you say awesomesauce? Every time I find a free product that does a good job I’m always blown away. But every time I find a free product that goes above and beyond, I am almost moved to tears. That is how I feel about Live!Zilla. I almost felt silly for not looking for something like this in the past. So your asking, what does Live!Zilla do for me?

Software Review: OsTicket – HelpDesk Solution

I must say, I think I am in love! The other day, I was working like mad to finish a project at work, when I suddenly realized that I had a much more important project that needed to be done even sooner than the one I was working on. I wanted to rip my hair […]